Clicker Foundations Course

With Becky Chapman

The ideal introduction to clicker training.

This course is the right choice for you whether you are already convinced that Clicker Training is the way forward, or whether you are sceptical and uncertain, but sense that there might be a means to train your horse without 

  • Punishment
  • Coercion
  • The escalation of pressure

Train happy, confident, go anywhere, do anything horses with –

    • “Targeting”
    • “Head lowering”
    • “Happy faces”
    • “Standing on the mat”
    • “Backing up”
    • “The Grown-ups are Talking”
Becky and Mac applying clicker training in the show ring

Feedback from Clicker Foundations Courses –

Anne:  I loved this course and so did my horse!!!  Highly recommend the course and working with the very knowledgeable Becky Chapman is fab too!

Sarah:  Daisy Dolittle and I did this course before starting her under saddle – it has had such and influence on her training.  She loves her work and is so willing to try as she has had the clear positive reinforcement message embedded from the start.  She grows with each new challenge rather than getting anxious.

Dates on request, email to register your interest.

  • £250 with horse inc’ D.I.Y livery on dust-free bedding & hand-outs (£100 deposit secures your place)
  • £150 without horse inc’ hand-outs (£50 deposit secures your place)
  • 10% discount to Strider Club Members
  • “With Horse” outstanding balance Members / Non-Members
  • “Without Horse” outstanding balance Members / Non-Members
  •  Outstanding balance is due 30 days before your course, you will be invoiced in advance to remind you.

Clicker Courses At your Venue