Equine Core Lecture Demo with Simon Cocozza

The Equine Core Lecture Demo Day

Thank you to all who attended.  New Demo date coming to this page soon…

An interactive, informative day with Visconte Simon Cocozza, author of the bestselling book, “Core Conditioning for Horses” and invited guest speakers and riders.

  • Sunday 7th May 2023
  • 9.30am –5pm
  • Topthorn Arena, Debenham Road, Stonham Aspal, Suffolk IP14 6BX


The theory and application of Core Conditioning Techniques for –

  • Spinal flexibility
  • Core strength
  • All round performance
  • And for the prevention & rehabilitation of kissing spine & other injuries

Your Panel for the day

  • Simon Cocozza, Author & Core Conditioning Coach
  • Becky Chapman, Core Conditioning & Biomechanics Coach
  • Sally Cobbald, Veterinary Chiropractor
  • Katie Eaton, Master Saddler & Qualified Saddle Fitter

Demonstration Sessions combining horses new to Core Conditioning and horses “1 year on”.

Gates will open for ticket holders to arrive
Café opens at Topthorn Arena
Lectures 9.30am – 11am in Café
“Mind-set Transformation in horse and rider”
Becky Chapman, Core Conditioning, Biomechanics & Classical Riding Coach
“The Equine Core, Prehab and Rehab”
Lecture with Sally Cobbald, Veterinary Chiropractor
Lecture with Visconte Simon Cocozza, Author of Core Conditioning for Horses
Please make you way to the Indoor Arena for Demos starting at 11.15am prompt.
Lunging / Groundwork Demo
Nicola Davison / Shady / 14 year old ISH gelding
“My horse of a lifetime, I’ve owned him for 6 years, he’s not a “dressage horse” and I’m finally living my BD dreams. I really need to help my horse develop a stronger core for more collection.”
Demo of core exercises with Sally and Shady
Saddle check demo with Katie Eaton, Master Saddler & Qualified Saddle Fitter with Bee (see below for details)
Flatwork Demo Lesson
Karzan Hughes / Bee 10 years / Standardbred sports horse
“I purchased Simon’s book after Bee was diagnosed with kissing spine and sacroiliac disease. We successfully avoided surgery and have irradiated the inflammation in the SI with steroid injections. (Last injection 12 months ago.) It has been a challenging and long process, I have used some of the exercises in his book and reached out to Simon through his website for tips to improve my lunging. It would be incredible for me to improve my horsemanship for my mare Bee and to work towards my goal to affiliate at dressage.”
Please make you way to the Indoor Arena for Demos starting at 1.30pm prompt.
Flatwork / Polework / Jumping Lesson
Tessa Halsall / Hallmark / 14 years / 15.2hh Knabstrupper
“I have owned Hallmark since he was a yearling and done all the work myself. We work at Adv Med dressage but he finds collection difficult which is slowing our progress. We have evented to 2* but he’s always had poor front leg technique and we have dropped down to 100 and 105 level.”
Demo with Simon and a horse and owner he has worked with online
Scarlett Hooker / Cobbles / 11 year old Cob
“In 2022 the bucks started and he got more and more explosive.
Rossdales diagnosed KS and moderate remodelling of the left SI which were medicated. We rehabbed following the vets plan but in December 2022 the explosiveness returned and I broke my back. Whilst in hospital I contacted Simon. I have undertaken 3 months of rehab from the ground following Simon’s plan. It’s been a tough journey and there have been several meltdowns, I have only been riding him for 4 weeks and want everything that we have learnt on the ground to translate to ridden.”
Please make you way to the Indoor Arena for Demos starting at 3pm prompt.
Demo with Becky Chapman and Pink Champers “Bud”
8 year old / Ex-racehorse / Mare
“I have had the privilege of exploring Simon’s work with Bud and clients’ horses for just over a year. The transformations are extraordinary.
Bud broke her pelvis in a racing accident as a 4 year old. She was crossed-tied and on box rest for a year, had a further years paddock rest and was given to me as a 6 year old. She was irregular in all paces, canter was explosive or non-existent, she was spooky and unpredictable. She has qualified for the ROR Regional Dressage Finals and BSHA Racehorse to Show Horse Championships.
But more importantly is now a joyous horse and a joyful ride.”
Demo Core Conditioning warm-up followed by Dressage to music
Louise Johnson / Nigel / 8 years Connie mare (yes, mare)
“I’ve owned Nigel since she was 3, she has always been challenging, bucking, snatching at the reins, napping and bolting…… I always had a suspicion there was an underlying issue, but the vet told me it was behavioural. 5 months ago Rossdales diagnosed serious damage to her intertransverse joint from a fall as a baby. The joint was medicated with an uncertain prognosis. Because Nigel already understood the basics of core conditioning we could make the best of the time post medication.
At her 10 week assessment Rossdales were amazed and the vet said had Nigel made 50 % of the progress she had she would have been delighted and musculoskeletally and posturally she looked fantastic. Then we suffered a set back, a bit fitting “expert” advised inappropriately and Nigel’s mouth was damaged – along with her confidence.
But now the “unrideable” horse I struggled to bond with has become my friend. We have fun together and she feels happier and more comfortable.
She’ll always be a character but Becky’s interpretation of Simon’s work has been pivotal in our progress.”
4.15 / 4.30pm