Myofascial Release

Transform Yourself, Your Riding and Your Life!

Message from Becky, “The releases and corrective exercises allow the postural changes – but it’s the postural changes which lead to a pain free future.  Take the time to invest in yourself and you too could experience a more mobile and pain-free future.”

“I am amazed at the difference so quickly, my hip flexors are more relaxed and my lordosis is less. I can also see the difference with my shoulders and for the first time I finally have hope I will be able to address my asymmetry issues which have effected my riding for so long.”  C.R

Past participants reported improvements in their core awareness and strength, energy levels, sleep patterns, mobility and riding and levels of joint/back pain.

“This course has made me more aware of my posture and well-being, whether riding or walking around.  Riding movements are easier and the horses are performing better.  I feel stronger but strangely much lighter in everyday life”  C.K

“I have felt ever since the course that I am walking on air! I feel tall, strong, confident and pain-free.” Jo.B

“I can push a wheelbarrow, paint the ceiling – do whatever I like – with NO pain during or afterwards and I sleep better, have stopped snoring AND wake up pain-free thanks to this training”  C.C

“While riding last night and I felt centred and like it gave me a feeling of power. It requires a kind of internal shift of balance for me, but it is also helping my horse improve his balance. The lower body releases has already helped open the hip joint and release the thigh which I noticed allowed me to sit better on the horse.” Jan.B

Dates on request, email to register your interest.

Cost: £200 (£180 to Strider Club Members) and includes instruction, comprehensive workbooks and all the equipment you will need to take home.