“Clicker for Performance”

“A sceptic by nature, I admit that I came to Clicker Training more out of desperation than desire. I have looked, and continue to look, at many systems of training and was always disappointed when they required that I be;

  • Bigger,
  • Stronger,
  • Quicker and
  • More clever than the horse

And therefore I was doomed to fail…

I was not expecting that Clicker Training would change my life, and the lives of the horses and people I come into contact with, work with and love – but it has.” says Becky

Spot the Clicker Trained Horse… Need a clue??? He was BIG, ginger and loved the camera!!!

Ashen E.C is proud to be a Clicker Training centre which means that our horses, and all the horses we take for starting/rehabilitating/training/schooling are trained with the assistance of the clicker.

Becky Chapman has delivered Clicker Training Lecture/Demos at Your Horse Live and The Equine Clicker Conferences.  “It makes us truly proud to have a yard of happy horses, keen and eager to “work” each day.”  (Hear Becky’s interview regarding her invitation to speak at The Equine Clicker Conference here.)

Improve –

  • Mutual understanding and appreciation
  • Communication, performance, core strength, long-term soundness, emotional self-control and “availability”
  • Clicker training is a fantastic tool to positively reinforce desirable behaviour,
  • To assist training, both ground-work & under saddle,
  • To improve rapport between horse and handler/rider,
  • To increase motivation,
  • As well as assisting with behavioural issues.

Clicker Foundations (An Introduction)

Build on the Foundations (The next stage)