Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement Training

“I have looked (and continue to look) at many systems of training, but am disillusioned when they require punishment, coercion and the escalation of pressure.  Positive reinforcement training has change my life, and the lives of the horses and people I work with and love.” says Becky

Which of these horses was trained with positive reinforcement???  Need a clue… He was BIG, ginger and loved the camera!!!

Becky Chapman has delivered Positive Reinforcement Lecture/Demos at Your Horse Live and The UK Equine Clicker Conferences.  “It makes us truly proud to have a yard of happy horses, keen and eager to “work” each day.”  (Hear Becky’s interview regarding her invitation to speak at The UK Equine Clicker Conference here.)

  • Improves –
    • Mutual understanding and appreciation.
    • Communication, performance, core strength, long-term soundness, emotional self-control and “availability”.
  • Grows and deepens your relationship on the ground-work and/or under saddle.
  • Improves rapport between horse and handler/rider.
  • Increases motivation for horse and handler/rider.

Train happy, confident, go anywhere, do anything horses.  See “Training with Becky” page for the right package for you and your horse.