Updated 17th March

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Anna Gordon-Redmond “Equine Locomotion” Clinic 1

  • Ashen Equestrian Centre
  • July 16th – 18th 2024

Anna brings a unique and highly skilled, gentle but rigorous approach to rider-horse communication, Anna coaches clinics in Europe, America and South Africa and is a RWYM Coach and Bodyworker.  Anna’s impact on horses and owners has to be experienced to be believed and I am delighted she is returning to Ashen E.C. to share some of her more recent discoveries. 

Anna says, “In spite of good care, riding and ethical training some horses still struggle to stay connected and sound in their “back”, gut, mind, wind, and limb.  Clinic 1 gives a solid basic understanding of key aspects of healthy equine locomotion and what happens when locomotion patterns are disrupted. Participants will come out with some hands on ways they can really help their horses’ bodies stay online. They can also make much better informed decisions about riding, training and care. Horses receiving bodywork will be helped to make space in their bodies to reconnect “offline” tissue and to have more healthy movement possibilities, giving them a better sense of themself as a connected whole. New equine locomotion discoveries not only underpin whole body soundness for horses, but will help your body to understand what locomotion movement to enable, promote and allow under you as you ride. This deepens your understanding and ability to have a correct (biomechanically beneficial and beautiful) rein CONTACT. As a side effect, you may also find changes in your human locomotion, in the connection of your own neck and pelvis towards freer, more sustainable movement.”  

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