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This Effective Confident Rider Programme Includes –

  • A comprehensive PDF workbook – 
  • How and why our confidence gets knocked and how to bounce back
  • Understand the power of Effective Goal Setting, Knowing your Outcome and Taking Action
  • Learn about Relaxed Breathing and Peripheral Vision Techniques
  • Discover how your brain Deletes, Distorts and Generalises –  and take control 
  • Understand how you interpret the world
  • Empowering Beliefs – get some!
  • Motivation, what is it and what motivates YOU
  • Discover and understand your Values and Beliefs
  • What are your Easy / Learning / Anxiety Zones and how to grow your “Easy Zone”
  • Understand and embrace The Competence Matrix
  • Discover how you learn – and how to do it better
  • Take control of the Recurring Patterns in your Life
  • Understand the impact of Stress
  • What are your “Expectations” of the Ridden Horse
  • Learn how to use
    • Visualisation and Mental Rehearsal
    • The Circle of Excellence, Anchoring and The Swish Pattern
    • Rid yourself of future fears, past traumas, low self-esteem and much more with Thought Field Therapy

3 Video Tutorials

  • Video 1 with Peter Doherty (approx 1 hour 30 mins)
    • Create your Circle of Excellence
    • Anchor positive emotions
    • Create and maintain change with The Swish Pattern
  • Video 2 with Becky Chapman (approx 1 hour)
    • Why Sue’s confidence got knocked and how she bounced back
    • Re-framing
    • Working and communicating with your instructor
    • The Competence Matrix
    • Effective Goal Setting
    • Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System
    • The “Classical” Art of Laughter!
    • Preferred Learning Systems, Sue discovers why she needs to know why…
    • How to use questions to inform you about who you choose to ride with
    • Using Mental Rehearsal and Visualisation effectively
    • Develop Empowering Beliefs, stop the Blame Game and finding/making excuses
    • Deletions, Distortions and Generalisations – Mind Reading…
    • Living Congruently
  • Video 3 with Becky Chapman (approx 1 hour)
    • Knowing what you want and that what you want is worth wanting…
    • Discover your Values and get Motivated
    • Confidence in the “Real World”
    • Thought Field Therapy – Sue taps away her fears
    • Sue describes how our Confident Rider Workbook has helped her with her confidence and to get a L.I.F.E!

Confident Rider Programme only £40.  Click here to become a Confident Rider.


Hear Becky’s “Around Suffolk” interview here


FREE YouTube Clips – (As Becky coached in 2010 – things have moved on since then…)

2010 Demo Intro

2010 Demo Human Horses

2010 Human Spine and Pelvis

2010 ? & A after the above

2010 Demo Lesson 1

2010 Demo Lesson 2

2010 Demo Lesson 3