Rehab / Schooling Livery

Rehab / Schooling Livery

Please note: DIY Livery is included while Training with your Horse at Ashen E.C.

We place great emphasis on the emotional well-being of our 2 and 4 legged visitors and feel that having permanent liveries detracts from the experience.

However, we do offer rehab / schooling / holiday livery. 

We encourage owners to be as involved as possible in their horse’s schooling and you are welcome to visit your horses at any time and to observe and be involved in the training.

Small and quiet with 5 large loose boxes each with individual covered “patio”, good parking and picturesque hacking Ashen E.C is the perfect setting for schooling or holidaying your horse in total confidence.

We will provide for all the day-to-day needs of your equine including; turning out, bringing in, mucking out, grooming, hay and bedding – £20 per day.  

You may top-up your livery with schooling sessions with Becky£40 per day.  

Therefore Schooling Livery – £60 per day in total

To enquire, book or arrange a visit email –


“What a wonderful job Becky did with my horse when I sent him to be restarted. I have been coached by Becky for the last few years and when my 5 year old had major spine surgery and needed rehabbing, Becky was the only choice for me. The added issue for me was that I was aware that any trainer would be likely to get me back a horse that was submissive and ride-able, but I could only trust someone like Becky to work with the horse to his benefit and be able to read him and work through all his weakness and issues with pain (real and remembered) with clarity and compassion and get the best outcome for him.  Teddy was with Becky for three weeks and he was calmly and confidently brought back into work, and he was not stressed or compressed in any way, even though I know he was not easy at times but he continues to make good progress. I’ve always found that Becky is able to tailor her work to the horse/rider in front of her. She doesn’t have a formula that she imposes, she works with each horse as appropriate, is entirely fair and creates a framework for the horse to express themselves safely, and come to and agreement about a way forward.  I can’t rate her horsemanship highly enough.”  J.S

“I cannot recommend Becky or the establishment highly enough… she treats my girls and each horse she has in as one of her own … My girls have been with becky since early June and are due home next week – I have not had one reason for concern or worry even when I have not had the chance to see them for a few weeks at a time, I should mention that I am located in north east Scotland but would not think of putting my lot anywhere else – the change, advancement and positive effect Becky has on the horses is second to none.” V.M