Confident Rider Dismounted Workshops & Download

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  • Confidence – a precious commodity – but easily eroded
  • One incident – whether real or imagined
  • One comment – from a “helpful” friend or thoughtless onlooker
  • One thought – “What if”, “Not again”, “Why me”.
  • Become the Confident Rider (& person) you would like (& deserve) to be.
  • Learn tools for managing –
  • Your Identity
  • Your Behaviour
  • Your Beliefs and Values
  • Your Capabilities and Skills
  • Your Environment
  • Your Thoughts
  • Your Fears
  • Your Unconscious
  • Your Life
  • YourSELF!

“The most amazing thing happened with the’ fear of what might happen’ stuff we did. When I ride now, instead of my mind going off at a million miles an hour about what may happen, it just stops, like a circuit breaker at the ‘what if? And then I focus on what I’m doing. I really wouldn’t have believed it unless I had experienced it. Thank you so much. Like I said, gaining confidence is like winning the lottery (not that I’ve ever won it sadly!) but it feels great. Just going for a hack in my lunch hour.”  S.B

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Confident Rider Dismounted Workshop

Coached by Becky Chapman Master NLP Practitioner, Cert Sports Psychologist and Biomechanics Coach

Other dates on request at Ashen E.C, or, to organise a Confident Rider Workshop at your venue register your interest by emailing or calling 07900 436110


Past-participant feedback –

“An excellent course, extremely well run by fantastically professional people.”

“Great – now I have the tools to use when I’m not feeling so confident.  Brilliant!”

“The welcome was great, the content was insightful, can’t wait to put it into practice.”

“This workshop exceeded my expectations – thank you.”

“Really helpful, made me rethink my issues.”

“I absolutely loved every bit of this workshop – fantastic!”

“A fantastic, friendly, well run and relaxing.”

“All very informative, positive stuff – great course folks!”

“Really don’t know what you could have done to make it any better.”

“Really enjoyed it and I am excited about getting on my horse again – thank you.”

“Fabulous course – quality instructions, supportive atmosphere – thanks!”

“I wasn’t sure about booking but I’m so glad I came!”

“Feel a real breakthrough has been made – my “bubble”!”

“Enlightening, enjoyable, interesting, informative, transformative.”

“I benefited hugely from your support and encouragement – spot on!”

“I never expected to go away feeling so in control – thank you.”



“Very friendly, this workshop worked wonders.”

 “You are the difference that has made the difference.”

“Inspiring coaching, thank you.”

“I have gained so much from this workshop.”

“I learned so many new strategies.”