Anna Gordon – Redmond


Anna brings a unique and highly skilled, gentle but rigorous approach to rider-horse communication, Anna coaches clinics in Europe, America and South Africa and is a RWYM Coach and Bodyworker.  Anna’s impact on horses and owners has to be experienced to be believed.

Anna says, “In spite of good care, riding and ethical training some horses still struggle to stay connected and sound in their “back”, gut, mind, wind, and limb.  New equine locomotion discoveries not only underpin whole body soundness for horses, but will help your body to understand what locomotion movement to enable, promote and allow under you as you ride. This deepens your understanding and ability to have a correct (biomechanically beneficial and beautiful) rein CONTACT. As a side effect, you may also find changes in your human locomotion, in the connection of your own neck and pelvis towards freer, more sustainable movement.” 

15th – 18th July 2024. 


  • Horses for clinic to arrive before 11.30am or after 3.30pm (so as not to interrupt the bodywork sessions we have had to schedule for 12pm – 3pm for two horses that will already be onsite.)
  • Please note: the Welcome Workshop is at 6pm so please aim to arrive before that starts.
  • 6pm – Group Welcome Information, Concepts and Discussion
  • 7.30pm – BBQ.  Provided, please mention any allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements on booking.


  • Bodywork sessions for the horses with Anna start (one and a half hours each).
  • Followed by –
  • Workshop
  • Fascia and some of its roles.
  • What we sit over: implications and helpful approaches.


  • Workshop
  • Building a movement model.
  • Ways in-to hands-on, helping your specific horse.
  • The supporting hind leg and the whole.
  • The flexing hind leg and the whole.
  • Rotation and contra-rotation.
  • The spring-loaded pelvis. Enabling engagement.
  • HANDS ON WORK with horses, by Owner, possibly one Participant, Anna to supervise.


  • Workshop – Questions.
  • A working model for how the brain ‘maps’ tissue
  • Followed by –
  • 45min private session for each horse. 
  • Owner’s choice of: Ride, Groundwork, or More Hands on.
  • Questions, Review, What next for Clinic 2? Finish Up


  • Owners Places – (FULLY BOOKED, contact us to join the waiting list)
  • DIY livery 15th – 18th July.
  • Dust-free bedding provided.
  • Individual turn-out paddock (weather permitting).
  • Bodywork session for your horse with Anna on day 1.
  • You and possibly one Participant to learn techniques with Anna.
  • Bodywork session with you and possibly one Participant, supervised by Anna on day 2.
  • Your choice of more bodywork for your horse with Anna, or an individual ground-work / riding session on day 3.
  • Participation in all workshops.
  • Observe all other sessions throughout the clinic.
  • BBQ on 15th.
  • Please note, one Participant may be partnering you and your horse for bodywork sessions for your horse.  Anna will partner appropriate horses, Owners and Participants to ensure horses and Owners are settled and happy.
  • Cost – £450 to Strider Club Members
  • Balance will be invoiced and is payable in June.
  • Pay £100 deposit here

Participant Places –

  • You will be paired with one Owner and their horse for bodywork sessions and get “hands-on” experience on days 1 & 2.
  • Participate in all workshops.
  • Observe all sessions throughout the clinic.
  • BBQ on 15th.
  • Cost – £280
  • Balance will be invoiced and is payable in June.
  • Pay £100 deposit here

Auditor Places –

  • Participate in all workshops.
  • Observe all sessions throughout the clinic.
  • BBQ on 15th.
  • Cost – £200.
  • Balance will be invoiced and is payable in June.
  • Pay £50 deposit here

Stay on-site

  • Hook-up – £20 per night per vehicle.  (£15 to Strider Club Members)
  • Clubroom – £20 per night per person.  (£15 to Strider Club Members)
  • “Camp” – non-hook-up lorries / trailers requiring yard shower, kitchen and toilet £5 per night.
  • Mac Shack – 5* Luxury Holiday Cottage
    • Sleeps up-to 4 people in two ensuite bedrooms.
    • 3 nights, check in 15th, check out 18th – £500
    • This cost is for the whole cottage.
    • Email to enquire.

Local B&B’s – Please enquire at The Ship Stores in Clare and The White Horse in Ridgewell.