2024 Membership

For an annual fee of £50 (Jan – Dec) members receive:

    • Regular Newsletters from Becky and Chris about what’s going on at Ashen E.C.
    • Priority booking at Ashen E.C. 
    • Stage payment plans – to spread the cost of training throughout the year
    • Invitation to Members Only events, parties and Prize Giving
    • Discounted stay on-site in own lorry / caravan hook-up, £15 per night (Non-members £20 per night.)
    • Discounted DIY livery for extra horses / nights at Ashen E.C, £15 per night (Non-members £20 per night.)
  • Discounted on-site accommodation in the Clubroom £15 per night (Non members £20 per night)
  • £20 discounts for Confident Rider Workshops

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