Why Come?

Why come to Ashen Equestrian Centre?

Training at Ashen E.C. provides you and your horse with the ideal “total immersion” learning experience.  With no permanent liveries the yard is exclusively for the use of course participants. The atmosphere and environment is warm and friendly and you and your horse can settle in quickly and enjoy the experience.

Becky says, “While freelancing I became increasing aware that some of my clients were not always happy or supported in the changes they were making by other people at their yards.  There is a lot of discontent within the horse industry and my fortnightly or monthly visits might provide some respite but I wanted to support people in a more tangible way.

In the meantime I was writing for equine magazines and my reputation and freelance work had grown to the extent that I was struggling to get around to see everyone as often as they wanted lessons.  This resulted in a group who were a long way away coming twice-yearly for 2 or 3 day courses at the yard I was renting. 

After a couple of years I noticed that this group were making more far-reaching and lasting changes than those I was seeing for “hit and run” lessons. 

In researching with clients I came to the conclusion that this was because the courses afforded them the opportunity to really focus on their learning and their horses without the distraction of day-to-day life. 

Squeezing lessons in around hectic work and home life means that there is a lot of potential for slippage between each lesson and the total immersion experience of “getting away from it all” for a few days was profound for them, is more cost effective and infinitely more satisfying for me than “hit and run” lessons.” 

“Ashen E.C. is my spiritual home. I was really nervous when I booked my first course but the atmosphere was so relaxed that me and my horse felt at home straight away, we learned loads and have made some life-long friends”  J.P

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