Video Downloads

More details coming soon to this page!

Video downloads will include –

  • The prerequisites of training classically –
  • How and why to align your pelvis and spine in neutral developing a deep, independent and effective seat.
  • How the rider can achieve self-carriage and thereby afford the horse the same opportunity.
  • We will then move on to address issues in our horses who have through past training, or lack thereof, learned to;
  • Disengage their core, hollow their back, invert their neck and come “above the bit”.
  • Those that are heavy on their shoulders and lean on the rider and the bit.
  • Those that have learned how to evade the contact by coming behind the bit and being in “false lightness”.
  • We will also be looking at –
  • How to create suppleness and mobility in our horses.
  • How and why to separate the aids for creating bend from those for steering.
  • The what, how, when, and why of lateral work,

In addition we will look into areas relating to our horse’s and our own “Emotional Self Control” and Rider Confidence.

To end, please understand that my passion as a coach has always been in face-to-face interactions with my clients and your feedback on this introduction and future downloads would be much appreciated via email – if I haven’t already I hope to meet you in person in the future.

YouTube Clips – (As Becky coached in 2010 – things have moved on since then…)

2010 Demo Intro

2010 Demo Human Horses

2010 Human Spine and Pelvis

2010 ? & A after the above

2010 Demo Lesson 1

2010 Demo Lesson 2

2010 Demo Lesson 3