Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Coronavirus Update.

Unless and until advised otherwise we are doing our best to continue as planned while taking sensible precautions (further details throughout this webiste).

Course participants who have symptoms and those who are themselves, or care for anyone at high risk will be invited to reschedule to an alternative course date.  (No admin fee will be charged.)

Ashen Equestrian Centre is the trading name of Becky Chapman.

Ashen Equestrian Centre is also abbreviated in this text as AEC.

The following terms and conditions apply to all AEC courses and clinics booked.

Payment in full must be received by us 30 days prior to the commencement dates of the course or clinic booked, those booked will receive an email in advance to remind them.

Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the course or clinic place and the cancellation fees below will be enforced.

If for any reason you have to cancel the booking this must be notified to AEC in writing and the cancellation fees will apply as set out below:

Cancel the course or clinic place more than 30 days before its commencement date and the deposit is non-returnable.

Cancel the course or clinic 30 days or less before its commencement date and the full course or clinic fee is payable.

If you want to change course or clinic dates with more than 30 days notice before the the course commencement date an administration fee of £50 is payable on top of the full course fee.

If you want to change course or clinic dates with 30 days or less notice before the the course commencement date then if we resell the place on the course or clinic an administration fee of £50 is payable on top of the full course fee but if we cannot sell the place it will be deemed as cancelled and the full course fee is payable for both the cancelled date and the re-arranged date.

All courses/lessons/livery must be pre-booked with AEC prior to deposit being sent.

If AEC cancel any course/lesson/livery we shall offer other available dates to re-book such or if no acceptable date can be agreed a full refund will be given of any funds pre-paid.

It is the responsibility of all clients to provide their own appropriate clothing for the course/lesson/livery they are attending and to provide all safety equipment lawfully required such as but not limited to protective headware, back protectors, boots and gloves.

Clients must also provide appropriate equipment for their horse whilst it is on livery at AEC such as but not limited to saddle, bridle, stable rugs, turn-out rugs and head collar. Horse feed other than hay must also be provided whilst their horse is on livery unless otherwise agreed with AEC.

If any client violates the rules of behaviour or health and safety at AEC or is any way deemed negligent to the care and welfare of their horse whilst at AEC they will be required to leave the premises immediately taking their property and horse and will be liable to pay the full fee for the courses/lessons they are attending and have booked up to 4 weeks ahead.

Any Horse on livery at AEC whether as an attendee of a course or lesson with the client or left on livery in the care of AEC personnell must be insured and all details of health and welfare history must be given in writing to AEC at the commencement of such livery along with all details of contact for client and their veterinarian practice.

If at any time it is deemed necessary to engage the services of a vet, this will be done at the clients expense even if the client cannot be contacted for prior agreement, although all reasonable attempts to contact the client will be made. If the clients horse has exhibited any remedial behaviour of any sort then this must be explained fully to AEC prior to booking any course, lesson or livery.

All veterinarian bills incurred by a horse whilst at AEC will be the responsibility of the client. All farriery and physiotherapy / body-work bills incurred by a horse whilst on livery at AEC will be the responsibility of the client.

If AEC deem it necessary for the client to collect their horse prior to any pre-arranged collection date the client must collect their horse within 7 days and will be charged the livery fee to the date of collection only. AEC take no responsibility for the risk of theft of any tack, equipment and feedstuffs left by the client at AEC.

AEC accept no responsibility for any damage caused to tack or equipment at AEC not caused by AEC staff. AEC accept no responsibility for any damage to or theft of vehicles or trailers or goods inside such whilst on the premises of AEC whether such are locked or not.

AEC take no responsibility for the theft of any horse from AEC premises or whilst in the care of AEC.

If clients see or cause any damage to or deterioration of property or equipment at AEC that may be dangerous to AEC staff, visiting personnel, clients or horses they must make such aware to senior AEC staff immediately.

Riding Simulator

Bookings must be made over the phone or via email.

Once a date and time is agreed a £20 deposit will be require to secure the sessions, sessions are NOT secured until a deposit is paid.

O/s balances must be paid in advance of your session online if made by card or may be paid by cash or cheque while you are here for your session.

Full payment for sessions booked must be paid if the client falls to arrive for the session or cancellation of the session with less than 24 hours notice.

Clients who are late for lessons will not receive a refund and will have their session shortened by the amount of time that they are late so as not to affect other sessions booked for the day.

Group sessions must be paid in full even if fewer riders than booked turn up for the session.  The booked time will be divided between the number of riders who turn up and the organiser is responsible for organising payment from the participant(s) who failed to arrive or for the participants who turn up dividing the extra cost between them.

Stage Payment Plans

Available to Strider Club Members and must be paid in accordance with correspondence confirming details.

Failure to do so will result in future bookings being cancelled and o/s fees for training booked not attended must be made in full.