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This is an exclusive opportunity for you to trial the Stride Free saddle on your own horse!

Each session lasts 1 hour, with an initial chalking up of your horse to asses confirmation, then you will have the remaining time to ride in the saddle of your choice. 
This event is organised by Katie Eaton one of our UK Stride Free Master Saddlers and Peter Horobin, the inventor himself is coming all the way over from Australia to tour the UK. 
This demo is at the lovely Ashen Equestrian Centre and is completely free of charge! 
Becky Chapman who runs Ashen Equestrian Centre and trains riders based on biomechanics will also be there!!

Please contact Katie to enquire/book – 07748 928561.


“Wow! One hour of lower limb releases today then schooled “ ***** “ – hips felt brilliant, really felt connected. Thanks for a really thought provoking course. I’ve never taken that much time to quietly think what my body needs but I’m going to take this seriously if that’s how good it feels to be one a horse this early in the process :-)”

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After Course – “Becky, thank you for a great course, you are an inspiration. It was also a pleasure to meet a truly great bunch of people too, what amazing company they all were.” S.R.   A few weeks later – “Hi Becky- progress report – holy cow if only I knew!!! Tears are frequent (joy tears), thank you x (from him and me). Realising that he needed reassurance, attention and praise (more than I was giving) from me has enhanced our precious time together more than I can ever imagine possible. So thank you for helping us have more tools in the box and each day it gets better x” S.R

What could a course at Ashen E.C do for you and your horse?  Click here for more details.


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