Updated 1st July

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Message from Becky, “The health of my in-laws, their farm and its various buildings are in decline. We have explored many options in an attempt to facilitate them staying in their house and to keep the all of the buildings together over recent years. 
However the complexities of planning applications with buildings of historical interest and other complications means that if we chose to pursue this the time invested will negate the benefits to my in-laws who are now in more urgent need of assistance.
Instead we are choosing to build an annex for them at our home, focusing on their health and well-being and our future here.
While we are saddened that they will have to let their beloved house go we are relieved to be in a position to have them here and are very happy to be staying.
Once the annex is completed and post the 2019 harvest we will be adding more grazing land and off road hacking / dog walking tracks and improving our existing facilities, most especially the accommodation, to continue to grow and develop the horse holiday / short break side of the business alongside my coaching.
Ridden, in-hand and dismounted courses and clinics will continue uninterrupted throughout this process. 
A huge, “Thank you!” to everyone who has helped and advised us through this process, most especially to the many who took the time to write in support of our planning application. 
While we have failed in our attempts of keeping the farm, its house and buildings together you have helped to strengthen our resolve to continue to work with such a fabulous bunch of humans.”

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