Clicker for Performance

Clicker for Performance

"Clicker for Performance"

On this page you will find details about Clicker Foundations Courses, the NEW Build on the Foundations Courses with Becky Chapman and the Advanced Clicker Course with Alexandra Kurland

"A sceptic by nature, I admit that I came to Clicker Training more out of desperation than desire. I have looked, and continue to look, at many systems of training and was always disappointed when they required that I be;

  • Bigger,
  • Stronger,
  • Quicker and
  • More clever than the horse

And therefore I was doomed to fail…

I was not expecting that Clicker Training would change my life, and the lives of the horses and people I come into contact with, work with and love - but it has." says Becky

Spot the Clicker Trained Horse... Need a clue??? He was BIG, ginger and loved the camera!!!


Ashen E.C is proud to be a Clicker Training centre which means that our horses, and all the horses we take for starting/rehabilitating/training/schooling are trained with the assistance of the clicker.

Becky Chapman has delivered Clicker Training Lecture/Demos at Your Horse Live and The Equine Clicker Conferences.

"It makes us truly proud to have a yard of happy horses, keen and eager to "work" each day."

Improve -

  • Communication, performance, core strength, long-term soundness, emotional self-control and "availability”
  • Clicker training is a fantastic tool to positively reinforce desirable behaviour,
  • To assist training, both ground-work & under saddle,
  • To improve rapport between horse and handler/rider,
  • To increase motivation,
  • As well as assisting with behavioural issues.


Clicker Foundatons Courses with Becky Chapman

The ideal introduction to clicker training.

Whether you are already convinced that Clicker Training is the way forward, or whether you are sceptical and uncertain, but sense that there might be a means to train your horse without the requirement to -

  • Punish
  • Coerce
  • Escalate Pressure

This course is the right choice for you.

Train happy, confident, go anywhere, do anything horses.

  • What is "clicker compatible" training?
  • "Charging the clicker"
  • "Targeting"
  • "Head Lowering"
  • "Happy Faces"
  • "Standing on the Mat"
  • "Backing"
  • "The Grown-ups are Talking"...
  • Clicker compatible rope/rein-handling skills

Feedback from Clicker Foundations Courses -

Anne:  I loved this course and so did my horse!!!  Highly recommed the course and working with the very knowledgable Becky Chapman is fab too!

Sarah:  Daisy Dolittle and I did this course before starting her under saddle - it has had such and influnce on her training.  She loves her work and is so willing to try as she has had the clear positive reinforcement message embedded from the start.  She grows with each new challenge rather than getting anxious.

2018 DATES:

  • 2nd & 3rd May 
  • 10th & 11th November
  • Cost - £200 with horse inc' D.I.Y livery on dust-free bedding & hand-outs.
  • £100 without horse inc' hand-outs.
  • 10% discount to Strider Club Members
  • £50 deposit secures your slot.
  • Please scroll down to book


NEW!  Build on the Foundatons Courses with Becky Chapman

For those who want to explore futher - 

  • "Revisiting the Foundations"
  • "Capture the Saddle"
  • "Why Would You Leave Me"
  • Riding with Lightness
  • What is "play" and the benefits of "play" within training
  • Understanding and utilising the "seeker" and "play" circuits of the brain while avoiding activating the "fear", "rage" and "panic"circuits.

2018 Dates:

  • 8th & 9th March (LIMITED SPACES REMAINING)
  • 15th & 16th Sept (LIMITED SPACES REMAINING)
  • Cost - £200 with horse inc' D.I.Y livery on dust-free bedding & hand-outs. 
  • £100 without horse inc' hand-outs. 
  • 10% discount to Strider Club Members
  • £50 deposit secures your slot.
  • Please scroll down to book

Sue and Howie play at liberty and Shirley and Ben (27yrs) learn Spanish Walk -

sue_pink  Shirley_jambette_1

Alexandra Kurland Advanced Clicker Clinic 2018


Ashen E.C is proud and excited to be hosting Alexandra Kurland's English Clicker Clinic on June 9th - 11th!

Participants are invited to join us for a "Meet and Greet" over tea and scones on the afternoon of Friday June 8th, this will assist Alex in setting the tone for and planning the clinic and is an opportunity for catching up with old friends and meeting new ones!

The clinic will take place Sat - Monday and a full timetable will be forward to those booked in May.

(More details about Alex can be found on her website by clicking this link)

PLEASE NOTE - This clinic is only open to those who have trained with Alex before and/or those who have done a "Clicker Foundations Course" with Becky Chapman (details above), contact us with any questions.


With horse including DIY livery - £495 (LIMITED SPACES REMAINING)

Without horse - £290 (Please note, those without horses will be actively involved in the learnings throughout the course.)

£100 deposit secures your slot, scroll down for the secure link.  O/s balances are due on or before 31st May and Strider Club Members may have this course added to their stage payment plans, contact us for details.

Contact us - Tel: 07900 436110 or Email:

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