Meet Ashen E.C's Computerised Riding Simulator - "Strider Brown"


Unlike most riding simulators and mechanical horses "Strider Brown" provides you with accurate stride-by -stride computerised read-outs (as opposed to being purely instructor-subjective).

  • Are you are behind, in front or over the horse's centre of gravity?
  • Are you weighted to the right, the left or over the horse's centre of gravity?
  • How much do you bounce?
  • Further sensors also detail rein-tension and the evenness of the rein contact.

These read-outs are printed off and given to you to help remind you of the key points from your session and to measure your progress and are included in the cost of your simulator session.

What else makes "Strider Brown" different?

  • Powered by compressed air Strider Brown feels like a real horse
  • Strider Brown walks, trots and canters on both leads
  • And can perform flying changes at any stride interval
  • The mirrors also assist you in seeing changes and improvements

Strider Brown provides you with the keys to really understand and address your riding issues

However, what makes Strider Brown unique is the coaching with Becky Chapman


Any instructor can tell you what you are doing wrong; in fact most of our visitors have already got a pretty clear idea what their main riding issues are, after all they have had years to perfect them! Becky's skills lie in communicating how and why the changes will impact on your riding in a profound & lasting way.

"Brilliant, amazing, enlightening, and that's just "Strider Brown", Becky was even more amazing...born to be a teacher, you explain things so well...thanks very much for a lovely day, we will all be back." S.Dorey.

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Start of session -                                                                 End of session - 

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Simulator Booking Options

You may book a private session with Becky on Strider Brown on our Simulator Saturdays.

(Sessions for groups of friends by arrangement on some evenings.)

To enquire / book please email : or tel : 07900 436110

1 x 45min session - £50 (max. 1 rider)

1 x 1 hour session - £70 (max. 1 rider)

1 and a half-hour session - £100 (may be shared by up-to 2 riders)

2 and a quarter hour session - £150 (may be shared by up-to 3 riders)

3 hours session - £180 (may be shared by up-to 4 riders)

£5 discount to Strider Club Members

Special Simulator Offers this winter on selected dates only through December, January and February, subject to availablilty–

45min £40 (save £10)

1 hour £55 (save £15)

1 and a half-hour session - £80 (save £20 may be shared by up-to 2 riders)

2 and a quarter hour session - £120 (save £30 may be shared by up-to 3 riders)

3 hours session - £140 (save £40 may be shared by up-to 4 riders)

6th , 13th and 21st Dec, 3rd, 10th and 17th Jan, 7th, 14th and 21st Feb.

To enquire / book please email : or tel : 07900 436110

PLEASE NOTE: The Simulator has a maximum capacity for rider weight of 14 stones.

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Some feedback from Strider's Riders -

"Absolutely Brilliant. Extremely well explained and discussed throughout. Learnt a lot that will benefit my riding but more importantly my horse. I'm about to finish a masters in education and this was spot on. Thanks Becky." - Dave

"Priceless, Very, Very Useful. Only wish I'd done it earlier! I think this is the only way to be sure how & what you feel in your body feels to the horse." - Charlotte

"Just a quick email to say thank you for our simulator session. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it...the fixes far exceeded our initial expectations...Congratulations on your super hospitality and facilities". Helen

"Really enjoyed the course, very informative...lots to take away and put in place to improve my stability when riding, especially in canter." L.Loveless

"Very interesting and fun, leant lots to help me and help my pony." S.Roberts

"Really worthwhile both in terms of "Bodywork" and confidence." K.Jackson

"Excellent, very keen to put it into practice, was insightful to see how biomechanics affected the horse's way of going and v.useful to watch the changes in other riders." M.Cudmore

"Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our Simulator Sessions. We gained a lot from having a lesson on such a "school master" and your tuition was great fun and informative." J.Thomas. 

"Really good learning environment. The session gave me a new sense of confidence and plenty to take away to try on my own beast. A thoroughly rewarding day in a relaxed and idyllic surrounding." B.Lund.

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