Our History in Brief!

Our History in Brief!


Here's our history - in brief!

In 1997 Becky and husband Chris bought a derelict farm cottage adjacent to the land they later purchased to build Ashen E.C

1997                                                              2014

_wsb_344x258_house1 _wsb_316x256_house

While they re-built the house Becky, Chris, daughter Noni and dog Brecon lived here -


View from the back porch - 

1999                                                                                                               2012



Unhappy with the lack of support conventional yards offered her clients Becky's dream of a haven where horses and their owners could train and be supported in their learning became a reality when she was granted planning permission to build Ashen E.C in 2004.

                               2005                                                                                                          2014


Ashen E.C's unique construction - its large stables with individual covered turn-out mean our visitor's horses settle quickly and enjoy their stay - and was designed and built by Chris.

The choice of arena surface (turf-float and hydro-gel) is perfect for Becky's courses.

                                2005                                                                                                                2013


In 2014 Becky and Chris added more mirrors!


Constantly striving to improvement in 2015 we invested in a PA system for the arena.

In 2016 we will be opened The Functional Room which will be fully equiped for Becky's "4 P's" Courses, for dimounted workshops and Theory Evenings.

In 2016 we put wind-netting around the open ends of the arena