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What's On

What's On at Ashen E.C

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2017 Dates


14thSim Sat

21st & 22nd4 P’s Parts 1 & 2

24thClassical Theory Eve Part 1

28thSim Sat


4th & 5th - 4P's (EXTRA DATE ADDED)

NEW DATE - Classical Theory Eve Part 1

11thSim Sat

18thTop-up/Catch up Day.  (Exclusive to Strider Club Members.)

19thTaster Day

21stClassical Theory Eve Part 2

25th & 26thPamper Relaxation Weekend


4th & 5thWeekend Course

11thSim Sat

12thLecture Demo Day – Rider Biomechanics, Saddle-fit, Equine Nutrition, Dentistry and Foot Care.

18th & 19thClicker Clinic

21stClassical Theory Evening Part 3

22nd – 24th3 Day Course

27th – 29th3 Day Course


8thSim Sat

NEW DATE!  9th - Confident Rider Workshop

10th – 12th3 Day Course

Good Fri 14th – 16thSlack Course 

18thClassical Theory Eve Part 4

21st & 22nd - Kimberly Course

24th – 26th3 Day Course

29th – 1st May (Bank Holiday) – Long Weekend Course


13thSim Sat

15th – 17th3 Day Course

20th & 21st4 P’s Parts 1 & 2

27th – 29th (Bank Holiday) – Long Weekend Course


3rdSim Sat

4th - Demo at IETA UK & Ireland Annual Conference

10thTaster Day

11thTop-up / Catch-up Day, exclusively for Strider Club Members.

17th & 18thWeekend Course

19th - Alex Kurland Clicker Clinic Meet and Greet Evening.

20th - 22nd - Alex Kurland Clicker Clinic


1st & 2ndWeekend Course

8thSim Sat

10th – 12th3 Day Course

17th & 18th - Butt Course

19th – 21st3 Day Course

NEW DATE: 15th & 16th - 4 P's Parts 1 & 2

29th & 30thWeekend Course


5thSim Sat

12th – Strider Club Summer Bash!

12th & 13th - Anna Gordon-Redmond Clinic

19th & 20thWeekend Course

23rd – 25thKimberly Course 

26th – 28th (Bank Holiday) – Long Weekend Course


2nd & 3rdWeekend Course

5thClassical Theory Eve Part 1

9thSim Sat

16th & 17thClicker Clinic

22nd - E.T & V.H.T Day at Ashen E.C.  Contact: sandy.nicolson@gmail.com 

23rd & 25thWeekend Course

27th – 29th3 Day Course


3rdClassical Theory Eve Part 2

7th & 8thWeekend Course

4thSim Sat

18th – 20th3 Day Course

28th – 30thLong Weekend Course


4th & 5thWeekend Course

7thTheory Eve Part 3

11thSim Sat

13th – 15th3 Day Course

18thTop-up/Catch up Day, exclusively for Strider Club Members.

19thTaster Day


2nd & 3rd4 P’s Parts 1 & 2

5thClassical Theory Eve Part 4

9thSim Sat

16th4 P’s Part 3

17thStrider Club Christmas Bash!