Feedback & Photos

Feedback & Photos

Client Feedback & Photos

Ashen E.C.

Ashen, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 8JU

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"Please enjoy these pictures of some visitors to Ashen E.C. They are not intended to show the "finished article", if indeed there is one, just part of their exciting journey, one I am honoured to be part of." Becky

Feedback and photos from one of Becky's lecture demo can be found here

For feedback about Strider Brown please visit the "Riding Simulator" page

Photos and Feedback for the 4 P's can be found here


"I always gain to much from my trips to Ashen E.C."  J.C


 "The welcome was warm, the atmosphere relaxed and the course excellent, we will be back!"  S.B


"Ashen E.C is my spiritual home"  H.K


"I love coming to Ashen, we learn so much and there's always lots of laughs"  S.M.


"Wonderful coaching, wonderful atmosphere and facilities, thank you!"  J.C


"Can't wait to come back, lots of "homework" in the mean-time, thank you Becky!"  D.T


"I was terrified what people would say about my riding and my horse, but it was wonderfully supportive, I only wish I'd come sooner."  E.M


"I can't wait to return, thank you for everything" S.C


"Great lessons, great workshops, great people and great cake!"  S.C.


"My trip to Ashen was the most positive and best thing I have ever done with and for my horse."  B.C 


""Loved every second, we'll be back!"  H.L


"Never get bored of watching you coach and learning from you, thank you."  N.B.


Becky Chapman is, quite simply the best riding coach I have every worked with."  J.S


"I've been away too long, so happy to be back, thank you."  D.M.

"Great place, great people, great horses, just great!"  J.S


"5 Star PLUS, brilliant!"  P.B.


"Since our course +++++ has been a different horse, it's as if a switch has been flicked in his brain and he has realised that there is no need to panic and rush all the time, many thanks." K


"Thank you for a very motivating, refreshing and useful gave me the resolve to keep at it and strive." S


"Fabulous!  I can't wait until next time, thank you."  C.D     


"It's been too long, so happy to be back!" J.B


                    "As a regular visitor to Ashen E.C I never tire of seeing the huge changes people acheive on their first visit and the amazing progress people make between courses."  S.S


"Relaxing but exhasting!  Brilliant and inspiring, many, many thanks"  D.R


"Ashen E.C. is my spiritual home." K.J


"A unique combination of mind-boggling info coached in an easy to understand way - WOW!" B


"My trips to Ashen are always special, thank you." K.S


"This was the piece we really needed, thank you" S


"Thank you for making my stay at Ashen so memorable and helpful"  J


"I had the most fantastic time with my Boys last week at Ashen. It really is a very special place to be and where learning with the horses is so comfortable, so a BIG thank you." M


  "Thanks to your coaching I get to enjoy my riding every time - not just when we're having a "good" day!" C


"I was not sure I would be able to continue improving at home but the clarity in your coaching means that I can - excellent and empowering." R


"Becky has a way of helping make the unachievable and achievable." H


"Thank you for making me so welcome and for the yummy cake.  I hacked today after my course and my horse has never been so relaxed" L


"Thanks to the help from Becky I have been able to push through one of the most difficult issues of my riding career - thanks to the confident rider course, a ridden course and Becky riding George and giving me a read out, I have been able to go from terrified and ready to sell my horse to having influence in canter and looking forward to the next time I ride, we still have ways to go but now it feels possible, Becky you are a rock star!!!"Xxx" V.T


"This course helped me to make sense of things - finally, thank you!" N 


"I love coming to Ashen and being part of the "family"." V


"Brilliant, thank you, very happy!" L


"A big thank you from the three of us and our lovely mounts, we all learned so much, you are an excellent teacher and great fun - we'll be back!" S


"Me and ***** have been practising what we learned on our course. We are loving it! Schooling seems so much easier. I feel like I'm riding a different horse. I guess this stuff feels comfortable and makes sense to him, so he doesn't argue anymore. I wish I'd found you years ago." J


"Just had to pass on my euphoria!This stuff is so excititing, had a FANTASTIC ride much lightness!" M 


"Thank you for last week...we are a stronger more confident partnership, a little bit of your strength and clarity has fallen on us!" J


Thank you for helping me and +++++++++ become the partnership that w=e are today. J


"Words cannot express the difference you have made in my riding and to my relationship with ***** - Thank you." C


   "Another big thank you... you are a legend!" K


"I really enjoyed the weekend...your coaching was spot on and exactly what I're going from strength to strength with your work." K


"Thank you for a great two days, as always I came home with loads more to think about and practice until next time." S


"Thanks for a brilliant couple of days. I felt I had got stuck ...but we achieved so much...your place is really lovely." S


"I can hardly believe how far we've come thanks to your help and support, thank you so much." V


I learned so much from my sessions as well as watching the others - I was amazed my the progress all the horses and riders made. P


"Once again we had the most wonderful weekend, feel like we learned loads, thank you!" S


"Packed with new and exciting information delivered in an understandable way... Once again I have returned from Ashen E.C with the belief that I can recreate what did and feel focussed to improve" V


"Thank you for an excellent weekend. It exceeded my expectations...I had thought other people could be fixed but not me - how wrong I was!" B


"I no longer feel like a "novice"." G


"Thoroughly enjoyed my course and it's done my back the world of good." J


"This is what 3 days with Becky Chapman does - I'm loving it!" S 


   "Thank you so much for a brilliant few days, I am looking forward to practicing at home." C


  "Whether first or last rider of the day Becky's energy and quality of delivery stayed at the same high level - quite inspirational." W

Funtimes at Ashen E.C.


Our learning and progression, and your encouragement and enthusiasm never end - thank you. O


"Many thanks for last week - I keep looking at the pic's and smiling!" S


"What an amazing experience, thank you Becky." S 


"I am delighted to say that I got my highest dressage score - this is thanks to you and ***** seems to have listened to your talk on spooking!" J

             "Thank you once again for a fabulous 4 days...BIG smiles!!!" D

"Please never stop doing what you're doing, I never want to stop coming!" P

Day 1 - Tense! Day 2- Horse begins to stretch forwards and down. Day 3 - Horse and Rider find a better balance

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