Classical Theory Eves

Classical Theory Eves

Classical Theory Evenings with Becky Chapman

  • Learn the theory side of -
  • A system which is logical and progressive.
  • A systematic approach to teaching any horse to understand, and have confidence in its response to the bit, and the rider's aids.
  • Has long-term soundness in mind.
  • And is inspirational.

Here’s some feedback following Becky's Theory Eves -

  • Really enjoyed the sessions - excellent!
  • Very clear and you make sure everyone understands.
  • I really like the practical things you do to illustrate certain points.
  • The video excerpts were very useful and I appreciated how you played bits as many times as people felt they needed to see it.
  • Whenever anyone asks a question you make sure you've answered it before moving on and everyone feels they can ask a question, no matter how trivial they feel it might be.
  • Very enjoyable and informative.
  • Hand outs are very easy to read and the drawings help to explain much of the information too.
  • Video clips after each topic as this gave time to reflect on the information being given as well as seeing it being demonstrated visually.

Theory Evenings 2018 7pm - 9pm

Wed 24th Jan Part 1

What we will cover -

  • Terminology
  • The use of the rider's hand
  • Bending and steering
  • The mouth for relaxation
  • The neck as a balancing pole
  • Why not start with poll flexion?
  • Clearing up common misconceptions
  • The use of the rider's legs
  • The use of the rider's seat

Wed 28th Feb Part 2 

What we will cover -

  • Q & A's since last time
  • Transitions
  • Canter - transitions, true, counter, changes and the preparation for and changes
  • The Shoulder-in "family"
  • What, how, why:
    • Shoulder-in on the circle and on the straight
    • Counter shoulder-in on the straight and on the circle

Wed 28th March Part 3 

What we will cover -

  • Q & A's since last time
  • What, how, why:
    • The Half-pass "family"
  • What, how, why:
    • Renvers on the circle and straight
    • Travers on the straight and on the circle
    • Half-pass

Wed 25th April Part 4

What we will cover -

  • Q & A's from last time
  • What is "Collection"?
  • Use of the double bridle
  • What is "Classical"?
  • What, how, why:
    • Piaffe & Passage


Cost : £25.00 each (£15 to Strider Club Members) or book all 4 Theory Evenings and pay just £90 (£55 to Strider Club Members)


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